Small package delivery

Opel Vivaro  

We have expanded our services and, under the buses put into operation a 9 person bus, which represents an 8 person passenger volumes. We did this because such a small number of cars and buses have to navigate it properly domestic and foreign relations. A further advantage of this brushing against strict management standards for buses mandatory, and they also point out that this figure for how to remain associated costs, as this will reduce travel expenses. (I mean in. toll Hungarian, Austrian GO-Box charge VAT Austria, Germany VAT)

Small package delivery

The Opel Vivaro 8 +1 seats, long finish, the largest 2.5-liter diesel engine. Full load is able to keep the highway speed limit of 130 km / h cheery. This reduces the travel time. Not everyone is able to get 10 people each coach can not - and must be - speed in excess of 100 km / h speed control to move forward. By imposing the EU and compliance with driving times, infinitely prolonged travel time.

Small package delivery

The seats are equipped with three-point seat belt, thus providing a safe and com- fortable ride for passengers.

Small package delivery

Vivaro car, no bus!

Roadway sticker, D1 did not change the amount of 10 days: HUF 2970

Small package delivery

The long version is that it is 40 cm greater than the trunk, which is very similar to the minibus is large relative to. Whether the head restraint height of the load, and suitcases, traveling bags. The large luggage compartment allows small package delivery service, we assume.

Net price
HUF 12.000
HUf 75.000
km rate
HUF 140
hourly rate
HUF 3000

Small package delivery


Travel costs are reduced:

1. Hungarian toll
2. Course fee Countries
3. Austrian VAT
4. German VAT

Seatingcomfort and reliability

The bus we recommend the following:  
transportationDomestic Travel Market


comfort and reliabilityBusiness trip abroad
transportationTransfers: Railway station, airport, Schwehat, Vienna, Prague
comfort and reliabilityEvent Services
Small package deliverySmall Parcel Shipping
comfort and reliabilityCourier Service
Small package deliveryFamily trips, country walking
Quality, comfort, reliability and fair attitude.
Small package delivery